CEO's Message

Duksung Inco - An Innovative Business entity with premium quality textiles

Starting 1998, Duksung Inco has manufactured and marketed synthetic leathers, suede and faux furs for the garment industry. To meet the expectation from the ever changing fashion industry, Duksung Inco has developed premium knit fabrics and various multi-processed fabrics, and has provided its products to premium brand manufactures globally.

The name Duksung Inco stemmed from the parent company Duksung which is the first manufacturer of synthetic leathers for all purposes in Korea. Duksung created a spin-off called Duksung Inco and expanded its business territory into the synthetic leather, suede, and fur market which can be perfect replaceable materials for natural leathers, suedes and furs. We have continued to modernize our knitting processes to enhance the product quality and functions, and consequently, we have been able to differentiate our fabrics from our competitors’.

Since 1999, Duksung Inco has introduced its new products by participating in international textile exhibitions throughout the world. In 2007, Duksung Inco qualified for the Premiere Vision (Paris) for the first time as a Korean manufacturer, and we have developed strong business relationships with global premium brands since. Currently, Duksung Inco participates in more than 20 international exhibitions and provides its fabrics to more than 1000 clients worldwide.

Duksung Inco introduces more than 100 new lines of garment fabrics annually to the market to meet the demand and challenge from the fast moving fashion industry. With 20 plus year experience in marketing and R&D department, Duksung Inco is successfully establishing a sustainable business entity with an innovative business environment and a profit model.
Our people in Duksung Inco share the core business values and concepts with our customers. We are trying our best to become a leader in fabric development/marketing field and pursuing mutual growth with our customers.

ceo Kevin Jeong