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NEW VERTICAL CAPILLARY TECHNOLOGY "3rd Generation Of Moisture Control Yarn "

AIRCELL yarn surface has hundreds of thousands of nano sized microholes(pores) per squre inch far more than human skin(650 holes) These micro pores evaporate out surplus body heat the same function as the perspiration holes of human body giving freshness while they control the moisture for the skin and keep the skin healthy.

  • AIRCELL 30's
  • AIRCELL 30's
  • AIRCELL/Cotton (50:50) 38's 
  • WARMING / COOLING Creative thermal function and cooling
  • PERMANENT MOISTURE CONTROL Skin like breathing, new vertical capillary mechanism 
  • DE-ODORIZING Durable anti-bacteria & De-odorizing without special finishes Containing Ag, TiO2, ZnO and other natural mineral
  • TENDER FEEL Natural appearance and soft touch
  • KNIT FOR SPORTS AND OUTDOORS T-shirt, Inner wear
  • KNIT FOR FASHION APPAREL Dress, Top, Blouse etc .
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