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HEAT GENERATING COMFORTABLE FABRIC"Hydrophilic Modified Acrylic Fiber Mixd Fabric"

Fiber View of SMART HEAT

SMART HEAT is the innovative heat generating comfortable fabric from hydrophilic modified acrylic fiber. This is the most skin-comfort fabric which contain Hydrophilic Modified Acrylic (HMA) fiber. The HMA has main function of Heat generating with Moisture absorbing, PH controlling and Anti-bacteria. These multi function can help to keep comfort wearing permanently. We proudly recommend it to application of outer wear, inner wear and sports wear. 

  • - Smart Heat with Cotton/Tencel : Knit, Woven, Non-woven
  • - Smart Heat with Polyester/Cotton : Knit, Woven
  • - Smart Heat with Multi Mixed : Knit, Woven
  • HEAT GENERATION BY BODY SWEATKeeping warm / Increasing temperature inside cloth
  • MOISTURE ABSORPTION AND PH CONTROLAbsorbing sweat and quick drying / Controlling PH of sweat (acid/alkali)
  • ANTI-BACTERIA AND DEODORIZATIONWKeeping off bacteria growth / Remove bad sweat smell
  • DURABLE PERFORMANCEPermanent healthy function
  • EASY CAREWashable & Tumble dry
  • OUTER WEARJacket, Coat, Blazer, Jumper, Pants
  • INNER WEARUnerwear, Pajama, Night Gown, Home wear, Socks
  • SPORTS WEARSki, Snow board, Golf, Mountaineering
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