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SKIN FRIENDLY MILK YARN "Casein Protein derivative yarn from Fresh Milk"

Fiber View of MILKLO

MILKLO is the innovative healthy and well-being Yarn extract from Fresh Milk. This is the most skin-friendly fiber which contain Casein and Various Milk amino acids. The Casein is major protein of Milk has permanent emission of negative ion can help blood circulation and anti-bacteria. The component of Milk amino acid supply lovely silky look and soft hand-feel. We proudly recommend it to application of Inner wear, bedding and Skin contact goods.  

  • - 100% MILKLO : 10-100 NM
  • - MILKLO / Cotton Mixed : 15/85, 30/70, 50/50
  • - MILKLO / Silk or Wool Mixed : 15/85, 30/70, 50/50
  • - MILKLO / Modal or Tencel : 10/90, 30/70, 50/50
  • EMISSION OF NEGATIVE ION Help blood circulation / Anti-bacteria and Sterile / Nourishing effect
  • SKIN FRIENDLY Silky soft contact feeling / Control skin humidity and breathing
  • DURABLE PERFORMANCE Permanent healthy function
  • EASY CARE Washable & Tumble Dry
  • INNER WEAR Underwear, Pajama, Night Gown, Home wear, Socks
  • BEDDING Bed cover, Quilt cover, Pillow cover
  • SKIN CONTACT GOODS Mask, Bandage, Skin patch
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