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SOFT AND LUX-SHINE FABRIC "Ulta-Thin layer FILM Laminated Fabic"

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ULTRA-PU is the newest alternative film laminated fabric based on Ultra thin layer film and process of Polyurethane lamination. The combination of thin layer film (5μm) and PU lamination can intimately express the look and feeling of luxury luster as well as offer good color fastness, resistance to abrasion and durability. We proudly offer this diversity in application and manufacturing thanks to very stable, even quality and advice simple care such as washing with water, normal dry cleaning and wiping during your use. 

  • SUPER SOFT HAND-FEEL COMBINATED WITH THIN-LAYER FILMVery soft hand-feel / Optimal style-fittin
  • LUXURY AND ADJUSTABLE LUSTERControlled shiny and dull / Fashionable gloss effect
  • HYPER DURABLE PERFORMANCE BY FILM AND LAMINATIONStrong color fastness against sun-light,cleaning and friction
  • EASY CAREWashable & Dry-cleanable
  • ENVIROMENTAL FRIENDLY PROCESSUse natural fiber fabric / Use non-pollutional chemical
  • FASHION APPARELJacket, Coat, Jumper, pants
  • CASUAL & LEISURE WEARLeisure Jacket, Soft wind-proof jacket
  • FASHION BAG & CASEHandbag, Briefcase, Jewel box, Book cover etc.
  • FASHION GLOVESLeisure gloves, Casual gloves
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